• Mangalam Online Course (mangalamonlinecourse.com) - Systematic Learning of Profound Buddhist Teachings

  • Buddhist Chaplaincy at Harvard (www.harvardbuddhist.org) - creating a non-sectarian Buddhist community at Harvard University.

  • Mangalam Studio (www.mangalamstudio.com) - Sharing Spiritual Arts, Teachings, & Practices

  • Mangalam - Centers for Wellness - A New Vision for Inner Peace, Freedom, & Renewal

  • 21 Tara (www.21tara.net) - sharing spiritual practice materials to support worldwide Tara practitioners.

  • 108 Mahasiddha (www.108mahasiddha.com) - celebrating the lives, preserving the arts and teachings of the 84 Indian Mahasiddhas and the 24 Tibetan Togdan Mahasiddhas.

  • Vajrayogini (www.vajrayogini.info) - sharing spiritual practice materials to support worldwide Vajrayogini practitioners.

  • Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies (www.sakya.net) - visit us for Buddhist study, contemplation, meditation, and yoga.

  • Mangalam Festival (www.mangalamfestival.net) - Sharing Spiritual Events & Festivals

  • Mangalamkosha Publications (www.mangalamkosha.com) - publishing rare and precious Buddhist teachings.

  • Mangalam Open University (www.mou.net.co) - Center for E-Learning of Ancient Wisdom for Modern World

  • Mangalam Yantra Yoga - training to discover your highest potential through physical postures, breathing exercises, energy practices, and intensive study with a living meditation master.

  • Mangalam Akasha Rasayana Yoga - yoga and meditation practices for health and harmony.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mangalam-Svapna-Yoga/622842487778824

Deepen your connection with Tārā

Please email mangalamstudio8@gmail.com if you are interested in deepening your connection to Tara, such as:

  1. Attending or hosting Tara teachings and initiations
  2. Joining or starting a Tara practice group in your area
  3. Sponsoring a Tara prayer and puja (ritual offerings) performed by monks and nuns at monasteries in India for your well being.

Special Website: 21 Praises to Tārā

Please visit our special website that was launched as an act of devotion to Āryatārā, and to celebrate the completion of the new series of 21 Tārā thangkhas and the new translation of the The Praises to 21 Tārā commissioned by Khenpo Migmar Tseten: www.21tara.net.


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